What is Foshu?

Foshu is a dose of health closed in a bottle, coming from the most precious gifts of nature!

Foshu are bioactive drinks with pro-health properties:: 

  • 100% fruit and vegetables in the form of cloudy juice – made only from natural ingredients.
  • Two flavors: chokeberry, chokeberry + beetroot.
  • Simple composition: in addition to chokeberry juice (NOT from concentrate) and beetroot juice (from concentrated juice), the drinks contain a small amount of defatted flax seeds and a trace amount of natural sweetener – steviol glycosides.
  • The production process using innovative technology that allows to reduce the loss of the most valuable phytochemicals – bioactive ingredients from plant raw materials.
  • Pioneering soft fruit processing technology designed at the University of Life Sciences in Wrocław, and health-promoting functionality verified during nutritional and clinical research under the “Bioactive food” project at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań.
4butleki foshu
Foshu Sok z burakow produkcja

Translated from English, “Foshu” is a term that is not widely used among European consumers, meaning “foods for specified health use”, which means food for special health purposes..

In the scientific literature on food, this term appears at the end of the 1990s. All thanks to the Japanese, who were the first and so far the only ones in the world to create the legal framework for the development of this food category. Depending on the country in the world, nutritionists and food technologists use the popular names for “foshu” as food with pro-health properties or a much broader conceptual category – functional food.

In Poland, thanks to the implementation of the research project “Bioactive food” in 2010-2015, financed by the European Union, the name bioactive food is popularized, because its essence is the action of natural biologically active ingredients in food.